Tips for building traffic

Doing SEO correctly is the right way to draw more traffic to your website. When it comes to selling your own or affiliate products on your Niche site, you will need to do a bit more in order to be successful – monitoring your traffic sources is one thing. To get higher conversion rates you will need to build your visitor’s trust – this is the main goal for any online seller. After comparing sales conversion to the number of visits you have – you may want to rethink your strategy a bit.

1. Unique & Quality Content and Correct Snippets

Creating unique content is a must. Copy/pasting other people’s articles will not only hurt you with search engine ratings but will also drive away your visitors. In correlation to this, you will need to pay attention to snippets not only because of SEO optimization – but they also need to be eye-catching and describe what your page is about to get traffic. It also helps to have snippets advertising your product to increase sales.

2. The Quality of Content and “Virality”

Once you have traffic on your niche website, the next step is to get it more exposure – don’t forget to add a share button to any of your pages! Sharing the content will help your page go viral which is not only important for better search engine ratings but is also important when gaining trust from your readers. The more shares, the more traffic, and the more sales you can make.

3. Supportive Articles

Most webmasters and website owners are aware of the fact that in order to get more sales from their pages, they will need support. This is mainly done through “company” blogs on Niche site. Those blog posts don’t have to be related to your main topics/product but have to be related to the subject of your Niche. Again use blog posts to increase your reader’s trust. Be sure to have a support blog with good articles and it will bring more traffic and return visitors just by having it discussed more – keep an eye on this kind of traffic.

4. Make Your NICHE Website More Engaging

This is something you’ll need to work on with every post you make on the blog. Try to lure out comments – create discussions about what is said in the article. To new visitors, it matters to see what others have said on the topic, and with marketing and selling, testimonials of others matter. Answer any comments made on your posts and do not erase negative reactions, try answering them in a way that will make sense to your next reader – having some negative reactions can help. Keep this in mind with monitoring your web traffic.

5. Drive more Traffic Outside the Search Engines

It’s well known that search engines will rate your website by the number of unique visits made from social sites and forums – remember to be active and try to get as much traffic from there. Don’t ask people to come to your page, just be active and engage in discussions anywhere you can. If your comments make sense people will start noticing and trusting you – this can be a great source of traffic.